President Lin visited the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics to inspect and guide the airworthiness evidence test of C919


On April 26, President Lin Zhongqin visited the Civil Aircraft Structural Strength Laboratory of the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to inspect and guide the work.


The project of "Vertical and Flat Tail Damage Characteristics Test of Domestic C919 Large Aircraft" undertaken by civil Aircraft Structural Strength Comprehensive Laboratory was affected by the local epidemic in Shanghai. At the critical stage of project promotion, it encountered such emergencies as epidemic spread, closed campus management and static management in the whole region.


At present, the C919 project is in the critical stage of the full line of evidence delivery, and all test projects related to airworthiness evidence must be completed according to the node time. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, President Lin has been closely involved in the school's experimental work, calling to inquire about the progress of the experiment. Under the strong support and cooperation of comAC and Shanghai Jiao Tong University departments, the laboratory overcame difficulties and overcome difficulties, and the teachers and test staff on the front line worked overtime day and night to ensure the smooth completion of all test tasks.


President Lin visited the laboratory site to guide the work, not only asked about the technical details of the test work, the difficulties of the task, but also repeatedly emphasized that all the test personnel should pay attention to the safety test, to ensure that the test task. The teachers who insist on the front line of the experiment are deeply encouraged, saying that they will overcome difficulties and strive to complete all the experimental tasks with both quality and quantity guaranteed.

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